Combo: Nitecore EC4GTS 1800 Lumen Search / Flashlight w/2x NL1834 3400mAh Rechargeable Batteries +Eco-Sensa Multi-function Portable USB charger

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Combo: Nitecore EC4GTS 1800 Lumen Search / Flashlight w/2x NL1834 3400mAh Rechargeable Batteries +Eco-Sensa Multi-function Portable USB charger

Brand: NiteCore
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NITECORE is releasing the high-performance blazing searchlight EC4GTS. The upgraded GTS version brings more power and excellent user experience for multiple purposes. With the new CREE XHP35 HD LED of a lifespan of 50,000 hours and the state-of-the-art technology, EC4GTS emits a blazing beam of 1,800 lumens and 396 meters.
As a unibody die-cast flashlight, EC4GTS is endowed with crafting techniques on a par with F1 car engines and spacecrafts providing a lightweight, rigid and fast cooling body. Dual switch design enables quick access to 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes as well as instant access to TURBO while in searching.
Integrated ATR technology allows EC4GTS to keep working for long hours under high output. 2×18650 batteries provide extraordinary performance for a maximum runtime of 380 hours. It will become your best illuminating tool applicable for outdoor activities, emergencies, industry and photography.


Features & Specifications

  • Max Output 1800 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance 396 m
  • Max Beam Intensity 39220 cd
  • Max Runtime 380 h 0 m / 15.83 d
  • Reflector SMO
  • Battery 2 × 18650
  • Beam color White light
  • Length 155 mm / 6.1 in
  • Head Size 40 mm / 1.57 in
  • Weight 171 g / 6.03 oz
  • Activity Search,Outdoor/Camping
  • Upgraded from EC4GT, with 1800 lumen output and 396 meter throw
  • Equipped with Cree XHP35 LED
  • Diecast Unibody
  • Runs on two high drain 18650 batteries (Not included in teh factory package) with runtime of one hour on turbo
  • Includes 2x NL1835HP 3500mAh Rechargeable Batteries
  • Includes Holster


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