Nitecore MT10A Multitask Tactical Flashlight Compatible with all AA batteries - 920 lumens

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Nitecore MT10A Multitask Tactical Flashlight Compatible with all AA batteries - 920 lumens

Brand: NiteCore
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For unmatched ergonomics, nothing beats a Nitecore Multi-Task Series illumination tool.  Designed and built to thrive in the most extreme conditions on Earth. But it doesn't matter how robust and reliable our lights are if you don't have one with you when darkness falls or disaster strikes. So we do everything in our power to create best-in-class models, and to incorporate special design and attached elements that will help to ensure that you actually have your Nitecore MT series when you need it most.


MT10A uses 1xAA batteries as power supply, which means that it comes in a very tiny size and you have no need of carrying bulky charging devices or backup batteries as you can obtain this type of batteries very easily on the go. MT10C, one of the most compact and powerful EDC model Nitecore has ever made, can create 920-lumen beam with an effective range in excess of 190 meters when using one IMR 18350 rechargeable Li-ion battery.


Both MT10C and MT10A feature tactical tailcap switch, which has significant ergonomic advantages. Applying thumb pressure in a natural gripping action turns the light on; releasing thumb pressure turns the light off: crucial in combat or law enforcement. With the light turned on, pressing the side-switch brings you different outputs and special modes like Red-light illumination. You'll find that Nitecore New MT series meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Powerful, adaptable, and compact.


Features & Specifications:

  • LED: CREE XM-L2 U2
  • Max Beam Distance: 170 m
  • Max Beam Intensity: 7300 cd
  • Reflector Type: Orange Peel
  • Lumens / Runtime (Using Li-Ion 14500):
    • Turbo: 920 Lumens / 30 Minutes
    • High : 500 Lumens / 45 Minutes
    • Medium: 180 Lumens / 1 Hour 45 Minutes
    • Low: 70 Lumens / 5 Hours
    • Ultra Low: 1 Lumen / 100 Hours
  • Lumens / Runtime (Using Alkaline AA):
    • Turbo: 170 Lumens / 2 Hours 45 Minutes
    • High : 95 Lumens / 3 Hours 30 Minutes
    • Medium: 48 Lumens / 7 Hours 15 Minutes
    • Low: 17 Lumens / 20 Hours
    • Ultra Low: 1 Lumen / 102 Hours
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 107.9 mm / 4.25 in
    • Head Diameter: 25.4 mm / 1 in
    • Weight: 60.7 g / 2.14 oz
  • Runs on 1 x 14500 or 1 x AA
  • Powerful CREE XM-L2 U2 LED
  • Maximum 920 lumen output
  • Precision digital optics technology
  • Tactical tail switch design
  • Side switches for brightness level / mode adjustment
  • Intelligent memory stores last mode used
  • Additional red utility LED
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Constant current circuit
  • Direct access turbo and red light modes
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Stainless steel titanium-plated two-way clip
  • Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • HAIII military grade hard-anodized aluminum
  • IPX-8 waterproof
  • Tail stand capable


  • Pocket Clip
  • Nylon Holster
  • Holster
  • Spare Tailcap Boot
  • Spare O-Ring
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