Nitecore UGP3 LCD Intelligent USB Charger For GoPro 3/3+ Battery

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Nitecore UGP3 LCD Intelligent USB Charger For GoPro 3/3+ Battery

Brand: NiteCore
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UPG3, the USB charger for GoPro 3/3+ battery pack, is targeted at the millions of GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ users who are looking for the most intelligent and efficient charger to power their cameras. 

The UGP3 is capable of powering two batteries simultaneously with the crystalline LCD displaying charging status and battery power levels at real time. It enables users to stay aware of the charging progress. With an extra USB port at the bottom, the UGP3 is able to charge an external device at the same time. It also allows you to prioritize the charging of the batteries or the device by setting the Priority Mode when you in a power failure crisis. The extra charging port also allows you to transfer USB data during charging.

Designed for top safety in use, the UGP3 is made from fireproof materials and insured globally, taking safety issues out of the question.

Those features altogether make sure that you have the fastest, safest and most automatic charger to power your GoPro Cameras. We’d like to assist you in recording every exciting moment in the outdoor adventures.


Features & Specifications

Compatible With







4.2V ±1% / 5V
AHDBT-302 / 301 / 201 500mAh
USB 1500mAh
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