Niwalker BK-LB11SV2 Long Throw Searchlight - 1900 Meters

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Niwalker BK-LB11SV2 Long Throw Searchlight - 1900 Meters

Brand: NiWalker
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Product Description

Niwalker Vostro BK-LB11SV2 Long Throw Search Light 2650 Lumens, 1900 meters throw distance, double switch design



●  One of the most powerful long throw search lights on the market.

●  Maximum output up to 2650 lumens and an ultra-long beam distance of 1900 meters.

●  Highly efficient constant current design offers maximum output and runtime

●  Smart double Multi-function click side switches.

●   Memory function to remember last output setting used

●  Advanced thermal protection circuit prevents overheating

●  Unique smooth reflector design provides great throw beam distance and beam pattern

●  Aircraft grade aluminum, mil-spec hard anodized for maximum wear

●  Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating

●  Large cooper heat sink pad for superior thermal conductivity

 LED indicator turns red(below 12V) to alert user to switch lower output mode and recharge batteries in time

●  Front red /green LED for easy following.



●  1pc CREE XHP35 HI LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours 

●  Battery options: 4pcs high drain 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery

        ●  Output & Runtime: 

o Turbo(2650 lumens/1.8hrs),

o High 2(1200 lumens/2hrs),

o High 1(600 lumens/3hrs),

o Medium(200 lumens/ 8hrs)

o Low (20 lumens/30hrs),

o Moonlight (0.5lumens/39days).

●  Peak beam intensity: 902,500cd

●  Waterproof to IPX7 Standard

●  Impact resistant: 2 meters

●  Dimensions:209mm(length)x 91mmx 50mm.

        ●  Weight:540g(without battery).

        ●   Accessories: Shoulder strap *1, Spare O-ring*2, Battery Carrier *1 (inside the flashlight), User manual * 1,  Storage box*1



●  Click mian switch to change different brightness(0.5 lumen>20 lumen>200 lumen>600 lumen>1200lumen), five different brightness are separated by OFF.

●  Double click the mian switch for interchanging brightness modes and flashl mode, into the corresponding memory funciton mode.

●  Then click switch to change different flash modes: Warning flash, Variable frequency flash, SOS, Cycling mode, Signal flash, Pulse, Traffic light flash, Night mode.

●  Triple click mian switch to access strobe at any state in brightness modes, one click gets you back to the state you were in.

●  Press hold mian switch more than 0.5 second for momentary activation(100%), release switch gets you back to mode you were in.

●  Press hold mian switch more than 0.5 second twice within 3 seconds for 100% constant on, click again gets you back to mode you were in.

●  You can save one different mode or output on each switch next to main switch. (Press hold the switch more than 0.5 second that you want to save - led indicator on main switch flashes means its saved).



Please caution when using higher output levels. Light body gets hot when the light is on for long period of time and avoid shinning the beam directly into the eyes. This product is high power device and capable of causing eye damage.

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