Niwalker Nova MM15MB XHP70 LED Flashlight/ Searchlight 6800 Lumens

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Niwalker Nova MM15MB XHP70 LED Flashlight/ Searchlight 6800 Lumens

Brand: NiWalker
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Features & Specifications

  • Utilizes two U.S. made Cree XHP70 LED chip 
  • Maximum output up to 6800 ANSI lumens
  • Highly efficient circuit design offers maximum output and runtime
  • Multi-function clicky side switch with momentary activation and on/off
  • Memory function to remember last output setting used (except hidden modes)
  • Advanced thermal protection circuit prevents overheating
  • Light orange peel reflector creates great throw distance and beam pattern
  • Aircraft grade aluminum, mil-spec hard anodized for maximum wear
  • Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Large copper heat sink pad for superior thermal conductivity
  • LED indicator turns red to alert user to switch lower output mode and recharge batteries in time


Light output / runtime

  • Mode 1 : 3 lumens / 31days
  • Mode 2:  22 lumens / 8days
  • Mode 3: 255 lumens / 31 hrs
  • Mode 4: 1200 lumens / 6.8hrs
  • Mode 5: 2625 lumens / 2.8 hrs
  • Turbo: 6800 lumens / 2.6 hrs
  • Max beam distance: 303 meters
  • Peak beam intensity: Lux: 23.000
  • Waterproof: To IPX-8 standard
  • Impact resistance: 1.5M
  • Above data was tested base on ANSI-FL1 standard
  • Batteries: four 18650 rechargeable batteries(not include)
  • Dimensions: 114mm(length) x 64mm(head diameter)
  • Weight: 333g (without battery)


Included accessories

  • Lanyard
  • Holster
  • Handle
  • Spare o-rings
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Lousy light March 14, 2016, 8:10 a.m.      

by r_rosenblatt

I am bitterly disappointed in the Niwalker Nova MM15 flashlight I bought from you folks because of the light output pattern, the control logic, and the shoddy construction. LIGHT OUTPUT PATTERN Regardless of the lumen level selected, a workable flashlight beam should have a relatively bright central beam (roughly 30 degrees) surrounded by a somewhat dimmer beam (60-70 degrees). This enables the user to rapidly scan a wide area and quickly move the center beam to light up an object of interest while still being able to spot motion in the surrounding area. The MM15 can't do this because the brightness is pretty much averaged over the entire area of illumination. CONTROL LOGIC From a safety standpoint, the two most important settings on a LED flashlight are turbo and strobe. Either of these emergency settings should be reachable by a single distinct action regardless of the current setting. The MM15 is woefully inadequate here. For example, to reach turbo mode, you have to (1) turn off the flashlight (if it's not off already), (2) hold down the thumb button to activate turbo mode, and (3) continue holding it to maintain turbo! For strobe, you have to go thru the steps to activate turbo and then double click to turn on the strobe (sometimes it won't work!) That makes these two features damned near useless in an emergency situation. CONSTRUCTION The MM15 has a snap fitting to accept either a handle or a wrist lanyard for safety if the user chooses to carry it by the barrel for safety (as I did). I came home the other night, put down the flashlight and found the lanyard detached from the barrel, the metal connecting piece broken off and lost. I would RECOMMEND the Niwalker MM15 to NO ONE, and strongly recommend that Andrew & Amanda drop the product from their website! Not only is it flawed as I described, but the relatively modest price of $219 jumps to around $360 once you shell out for 4 decent l-ion batteries and a charger. My Olight SR96 Intimidator, with 2k fewer lumens and $90-100 cheaper, is a far better and more user-friendly flashlight.

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