Sunwayman D40C-2000 Lumens 2*18650 Double-headed Flashlight

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Sunwayman D40C-2000 Lumens 2*18650 Double-headed Flashlight

Brand: Sunwayman
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Sunwayman's D40C is a smaller version of its big brother, the D80A, while still packing the same punch. This flashlight produces an extremely high output and long runtime for maximum performance with a comfortable hand grip. The D40C is well-suited for daily, outdoor use, search and rescue and much more. The unibody construction gives the flashlight a compact yet strong exterior. Its unique oval shape, double-headed design will give you twice the power. The dual-button side switch perfectly delivers varied output modes; the upper button controls different outputs, while the lower button controls the on and off. Made with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, the D40C is both durable and reliable.


Equipped with not one but two CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, the D40C produces up to 2000 lumens of output with an effective range of more than 498 meters (over 1,634 feet). Since it utilizes a double-headed design, it produces a very powerful output. This makes the D40C an excellent flashlight for work, exploration, search and rescue, daily use and much more. An optimized metal reflector maintains great throw distance and spread with an ideal beam pattern. Both the power and versatility is what makes the D40C stand out from the crowd.

Powered by 2x 18650 or 4x CR123A batteries, the D40C offers a fantastic balance of capability and size. The IPX-8 rating ensures that the D40C will operate even if it starts raining or gets dropped in a puddle of water. If you do drop it, don't worry, the aero-grade aluminum alloy body is impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. The D40C is one flashlight you can count on for any type of scenario.


Features & Specifications

  • Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-scratch coating
  • Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
  • HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 standards
  • Included Accessories: Lanyard, O-ring
  • LED: 2x CREE CM-L2 (U2)
  • Runs on: 4x CR123A or 2x 18650 (Batteries NOT included)
  • Output mode/Runtime:
    • Turbo: 2000 lumens / *hrs
    • High: 960 lumens / 1.6hrs
    • Mid: 390 lumens / 5hrs
    • Low: 33 lumens / 18hrs
    • *Automatically lowers to High mode after 3 minutes of continuous use
  • Max Beam Distance: 498 meters


  • Length: 5.2" (132mm)
  • Bezel Diameter: 2.3" (58mm)
  • Body Diameter: 2" (41mm)
  • Weight: 11.64 oz (330g) (excluding batteries)
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