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Nitecore MH12GT
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Nitecore GP3
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Combo: TM03 CRI-UM10-2x Batteries
Price: $146.95
Combo: TM03 CRI-UM10-Battery
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Combo: TM03 CRI-SC2-2x Batteries
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Combo: TM03 CRI-SC2-Battery
Price: $147.95
Combo: TM03 CRI-D2-2x Batteries
Price: $151.95
Combo: TM03 CRI-D2-Battery
Price: $142.95
Combo: P10GT-RSW1-Offset
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Combo: P10GT-RSW1-GM04
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Combo: P10GT-RSW1-GM03
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Combo: P10GT-RSW1-GM02
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Combo: P10GT-NL1835-SC2
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Combo: P10GT-NL189-SC2
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Combo: P10GT-NL186-SC2
Price: $76.95
Combo: P10GT-NL183-SC2
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Combo: P10GT-NL183-D2
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Combo: P10GT-NL186-D2
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Combo: P10GT-NL189-D2
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Combo: P10GT-NL1835-D2
Price: $79.95
Combo: P10GT-NL1835
Price: $69.95
Combo: P10GT-NL189
Price: $64.95
Combo: P10GT-NL186
Price: $61.95
Combo: P10GT-NL183
Price: $59.95
Nitecore Thumb
Price: $19.99
Nitecore P10GT
Price: $54.95
Eagletac D25C XP-L Hi Clicky
Price: $54.90
Eagletac SX30A4 XHP35 HD
Price: $99.90
Eagletac TX30C2 CW Kit HD
Price: $109.90
Eagletac S25LR CW Kit HD
Price: $118.90
Nitecore SRT7GT
Price: $110.00
Nitecore TM03 CRI
Price: $132.95
Jetbeam E10R
Price: $33.95
Acebeam H10
Price: $109.00
AceBeam X65
Price: $499.00
Acebeam EC50 6000K
Price: $119.00
Acebeam EC50 5000K
Price: $119.00
Nitecore LR30 Teal
Price: $34.95
Nitecore LR30 Yellow
Price: $34.95
Nitecore HC60W
Price: $59.95
Jetbeam SF-R28
Price: $74.90
Jetbeam SF-R26
Price: $64.95
Jetbeam BC40GT
Price: $65.00
Jetbeam BC25GT
Price: $58.00
Nitecore R40
Price: $149.95
Sunwayman C13R
Price: $54.50
Nitecore LA10 CRI
Price: $29.99
Jetbeam T4 PRO
Price: $119.95
Nitecore MT06MD
Price: $31.95
Sportac ZP10L9 Battery Pack Edition
Price: $429.95

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NcSTAR SC3RSP3942GClick to see product details NcStar 3-9x32 Compact Scope/3 Rail Sighting System SC3RSP3942G Brand: NCSTAR      


Price: $89.99
P4 Sniper
Integrated Weaver/Picatinny Style ...
Weight (oz): 26.6
NcSTAR SRTP3942GClick to see product details NCStar 3-9X42 Zoom Scope Rubber Armored Quick Release ( P4 SNIPER ) Blue Illuminated Reticle and Laser Green Coated - Black - Weaver (SRTP3942G) Brand: NCSTAR      


Was: $239.00
Sale: $92.00
Weight: 16.7oz
Length: 7.54"
Eye Relief: 2"
Field of View: 36.8-12
Exit Pupil: 9.3-3.1mm
MOA: 1/2
Lens Coating: Fully multi-Coated
NcSTAR STP3942G/D v2Click to see product details NcStar 3-9x42 P4 SNIPER Scope + Micro Red Dot STP3942G/D Brand: NCSTAR      

NcSTAR STP3942G/D v2

Was: $199.00
Sale: $169.95
Weight: 16.7oz/1.3oz
Length: 7.54"/1.8"
Eye Relief: 2"/unlimited
Field of View: 36.8-12/unlimited
Exit Pupil: 9.3-3.1mm/unlimited
MOA: 1/2 and 1
Lens Coating: Fully multi-Coated
VISM VCBTREP3540GClick to see product details VISM VCBTREP3540G CBT 3.5X40mm w/Red laser - P4 Sniper Brand: VISM      


Price: $179.00
Object Diameter: 40mm
Reticle Type: P4 Sniper
Magnification: 3.5
Eye Relief: 2.2"
Exit Pupil: 11.4
VISM VCBTRP342GClick to see product details VISM CBT Series 3x42mm Tactical Scope with Integrated Red Laser VCBTRP342G Brand: VISM      


Price: $133.00
Magnification: 3x
Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm
Ocular Lens Diameter: 38mm
Exit Pupil Diameter: 14mm
Field of View: 35.6 ft at 100 yar...
VISM VDUO434DGBClick to see product details VISM VDUO434DGB Dual Urban Optic 4X32mm with Offset Green Dot Brand: VISM      


Price: $169.00
Scope = 4X magnification, 32mm Obj...
New Urban Tactical Reticle (Blue)...
Glass Etched Reticle with Blue Il...
30° Offset Reflex Green Dot Optic...
VISM VEVOFM41650GClick to see product details Vism Evolution Series 4-16x50 Rifle Scope with Glass Etched Reticle Brand: VISM      


Price: $179.00
Magnification: 4-16x
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Object Diameter: 50mm
Field of View: 27.2-6.8ft/100yds
Eye Relief: 4.8-3.3in
Exit Pupil: 12.5-3.1mm
MOA: 1/8
VISM VEVOFP11424GClick to see product details Vism Evolution Series 1.1-4x24 Rifle Scope with Glass Etched Reticle VEVOFM11424G VEVOFP11424G VEVOFD11424G Brand: VISM      


Price: $199.00
Magnification: 1.1x-4x
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Object Diameter: 24mm
Field of View: 98.3-27.2ft@100yds
Eye Relief: 3.7-3.3in
Exit Pupil: 21.8-6mm
MOA: 1/2
VISM VEVOFP251050GClick to see product details Vism Evolution Series 2.5-10x50 Rifle Scope with Glass Etched Reticle VEVOFM251050G VEVOFP251050G VEVOFD251050G Brand: VISM      


Price: $209.00
Magnification: 2.5-10x
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Object Diameter: 50mm
Field of View: 43.3-10.8ft@100yds
Eye Relief: 3.2-3.2in
Exit Pupil: 22.4-5.6mm
MOA: 1/4