Acebeam TK18 Copper LED Flashlight - Nichia CRI 219C, 1650 Lumen

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Acebeam TK18 Copper LED Flashlight - Nichia CRI 219C, 1650 Lumen

Brand: Acebeam
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The versatile ACEBEAM TK18 is a full-featured general purpose flashlight for EDC, military and law-enforcement. There is a selection of 3 different LEDs (SAMSUNG LH351D / OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG / NICHIA 219C). 5 different brightness levels and Strobe are controlled using an integrated and intelligent tail switch. Being powered by an ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A high drain rechargeable battery, both POWER and ECO mode can be activated. It has ECO mode when running on two CR123A 1600mAh battery. A TIR optimized lens helps soften and focus that impeccable light into a focused beam. Double directional gold plated pocket clip and compact size make it easy to carry around on your pocket. Ergonomic knurling on the canister makes it easy to grip comfortably in the palm of your hand with no strain or cramping even over long periods of time.

  • 3*NICHIA 219C (This listing is for the Nichia 219C version)
  • 3*SAMSUNG LH351D 

Battery not included in the original factory package




  • Multiple LED choices with maximum versatility:
  • 3xSAMSUNG LH351D LED output 3000 lumens
  • 3xOSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG LED throw 286 meters
  • 3xNICHIA 219C LED CRI >90 color rendering
  • Compatible Battery: 1 x ACEBEAM ARC18650H- 310A rechargeable battery (recommended) / 2 x CR123A 1600mAh battery
  • The POWER mode will be operational only when being powered by 18650 battery which is above 10A current
  • Low battery voltage warning with flickering
  • Highly efficient constant circuit design (Mon-PWM)
  • Strobe setting that can disorient an attacker or serve as a distress signal
  • Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max. performance and long run time
  • Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety
  • Innovative body construction is made of solid billet ultra conductive pure red copper
  • TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optic facilitates efficient light transmission with a broad beam and a generous throw
  • Highly integrated tail switch switch for all easy operation
  • Knurling and polishing finish provide a secure grip
  • Double directional gold plated clip and compact size for easy carry
  • Streamlined body with slim head design
  • Underwater 2 meters submersible
  • 1 meter impact resistance


LED option 3: 3xNICHIA 219C

  • When using ACEBEAM 18650 3100mAh 20A high drain rechargeable battery:
    • POWER Mode
      • Ultra-Low: 2.4 lumens; 12 days; 7 meters; 13cd
      • Low: 50 lumens; 22 hours; 35 meters; 300cd
      • Med: 130 lumens; 7 hours 15 minutes; 55 meters; 750cd
      • High: 700 lumens; 2 hours; 125 meters; 3900cd
      • Turbo: 1650 lumens; 1 hour 45 minutes; 191 meters; 9160cd 
      • Strobe: 700 lumens; 2 hours 15 minutes
    • ECO Mode
      • Ultra-Low: 2.4 lumens; 12 days; 7 meters; 13cd
      • Low: 50 lumens; 22 hours; 35 meters; 300cd
      • Med: 130 lumens; 7 hours 15 minutes; 55 meters; 750cd
      • High: 370 lumens; 2 hours; 95 meters; 2250cd
      • Turbo: 700 lumens; 1 hour 45 minutes; 125 meters; 3900cd 
      • Strobe: 700 lumens; 2 hours 15 minutes
  • When using CR123A 1600mAh battery:
    • ECO Mode
      • Ultra-Low: 2.4 lumens; 9 days; 7 meters; 13cd
      • Low: 50 lumens; 17 hours; 35 meters; 300cd
      • Med: 130 lumens; 6 hours; 55 meters; 750cd
      • High: 370 lumens; 1 hour 45 minutes; 95 meters; 2250cd
      • Turbo: 880 lumens; 1 hour 30 minutes; 141 meters; 5000cd 
      • Strobe: 700 lumens; 2 hours


Note: The pure copper will change color slowly because of oxidation when exposing in the air. The color will show much difference by frequently play according to the using environment and using habit. To avoid oxidation, the Copper version will be shipped via vacuum package. 

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