Acebeam L19 2.0 Long Range Flashlight GREEN LED Osram NM1 -Throw 1520M 2,200 lumens w/ Battery, Holster and Eco Sensa USB C charging cable included.

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Acebeam L19 2.0 Long Range Flashlight GREEN LED Osram NM1 -Throw 1520M 2,200 lumens w/ Battery, Holster and Eco Sensa USB C charging cable included.

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Acebeam L19 2.0 Long Range Flashlight GREEN LED Osram NM1 -Throw 1520M 2,200 lumens w/ Battery, Holster and Eco Sensa USB C charging cable included.


Acebeam L19 is a long-range hunting flashlight that can throw a maximum of 2200 lumens 1520m—that’s over half of a mile! Use a TIR lens. The head diameter of the lens is 55mm, which is the hunting flashlight with the longest-throw distance in the same head diameter. The Acebeam L19 will be your new go-to hunting flashlight, and you can’t beat the long-distance capabilities. Extend runtimes when using the included 21700 li-ion battery and know its status with the battery level indicator. IP68-rated waterproof and dustproof rounds out the features of this spotlight built for those needing a small, tough flashlight with an incredibly far beam distance.




  • The longest range tactical flashlight in its class
  • Developed by the LED core technology of auto level-the farthestthrowing of superiority
  • Green OSRAM: Max output of 2200 lumens reaching up to 1520m (4987ft)
  • Powered by a single 21700 battery, Acebeam 21700 USB0C rechargeable battery is recommended
  • TIR optic lens provides eficient light transmission for a smooth, throw heavy beam
  • Ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with tactical knurling for firm grip
  • Premium type II hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Dual switched for easy and fast operation
  • The power indicator indicates the remaining battery power
  • Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)
  • Intelligent temperature regulation and protection adjusts output performance to prevent overheating
  • All circuitry points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
  • The tctical strike bezel can also be used as an emergency glass breaker
  •     LED: 1 x US imported GREEN LED
  •     Ultra Low: 2 lumen;  94 days
  •     Low: 120 lumens; 47 hours; 26,896cd; 328 meters;
  •     Mid1: 330 lumens; 12 hours; 73,984cd; 544 meters;
  •     Mid2: 700 lumens; 5 hours; 155,236cd; 788 meters;
  •     High: 1,250 lumens; 2 hour 15 minutes; 291,6000cd; 1080 meters;
  •     Turbo: 2,200 lumens-1600lumens-1200lumens; 1 minute 50 seconds-10minutes-1 hours 26 minutes; 577,600cd; 1520 meters




  • Max Output:2200 Lumens
  • Max Peak beam intensity: 577222cd
  • Max Runtime: 94 days (Ultra low)
  • Max Beam Distance: 1520m
  • Size:163.8mm x 60mm (Head diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube diameter) / 6.44 X 2.36 X 1"



Notable Features:

✅ 2200 lumens maximum output and 1083 meters/3553 feet maximum beam distance.
✅ Compact size only 6.44” long and weighs only 284.3g/10.03 oz Including battery.
✅ One US imported SFT40 HI LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
✅ Utilizes the self-developed 55 mm TIR Lens (Total Internal Reflection)to form the excellent beam pattern.
✅ Included an Acebeam IMR21700NP-510A USB rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery.
✅ Dual switches allow quick and easy access to the important settings.
✅ A power indicator helps you track the remaining battery power, letting you know when it's time to recharge.
✅ The strong tactical strike bezel can also be used as an emergency glass breaker.
✅ Internal overheat prevention to protect your light.
✅ Lockout mode, preventing accidental activation.
✅ Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum.
✅ Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish for a durable light




1. Unauthorized disassembly may damage the flashlight and void the warranty.
2. It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology.
    It is suggested to use in a well-ventilated area with ambient temperature,or switch off the flashlight temporarily or turn it to low mode.
3. Please check and replace the O-ring regularly to maintain the waterproof rating.
4. Please check and lubricate the threads regularly with professional lubricant.
5. Clean the contact surfaces regularly to keep the flashlight normal. If irregular strobe or failure to turn-on occurs,
    the contact surfaces may be dirty and require cleaning by using alcohol cotton swabs.
6. DO NOT shine the light directly into human eyes. This may cause temporary blindness, or permanent damage to the eyes.
7. DO NOT cover the light head when the flashlight is on, or place the flashlight head on the ground. The radiation energy of
    the flashlight may cause damage to the flashlight itself, or even result in burning to other materials.
8. If the product is left unused or carrier and transported,please lock the button to avoid accidentally activating the flashlight.
9. The battery can only be stored inside the product and charged with the included standard charging cable.
10. Quality batteries with circuit protection will reduce the potential risk.
11. Store the battery with care. Please store the battery in a dedicated box after being taken out of the product.
12. This flashlight is not intended to be used as a diving light.
13. Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children.

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