Nitecore MH25 v2 Type-C USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1300 Lumens, 475 Meters

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Nitecore MH25-V2 Dual Fuel Long Range USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1300 Lumens w/ NB10000 10,000mAh Powerbank

Brand: NiteCore
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Nitecore MH25-V2 Dual Fuel Long Range USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1300 Lumens w/ NB10000 10,000mAh Powerbank


The NITECORE MH25 V2 Next Generation 21700 Dual Fuel Long Range Flashlight is out now as the latest updated NITECORE classical model of Multitask Hybrid Series. The MH25 V2 utilizes a high performance LED to emit a max output of 1300 lumens and it is equipped with an optical system combined with crystal coating and “Precision Digital Optics Technology” (PDOT) to provide a max throw of 475 meters and max peak beam intensity of 57,000cd.


The durable metal side switch of the MH25 V2 provides better feedback for the user even with gloves and controls 4 brightness levels and 3 special modes. The tactical tail switch is always ready for accessing HIGH Level or Tactical Mode. And the STROBE Mode of randomly changing frequencies can enable strong dizzying effects due to the inadaptability of the naked eyes.


The MH25 V2 is integrated with an intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C charging port and its charging time is approx. 3 hours 45 minutes, which enables to recharge the flashlight more convenient for avoiding power outages. What's more, the charging port cover can provide excellent water, dust and impact resistance.


Included a 5,000mAh Li-ion battery, the MH25 V2 provides max runtime of 1,500 hours on ULTRALOW while compatible with 1 x 18650 battery or 2 x CR123 / RCR123 batteries. Combined with the cooling fins to improve the heat dissipation, the integrated ATR technology regulates the output of the MH25 V2 according to the working condition and ambient environment to maintain the optimal performance.


The MH25 V2 is constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HA III military grade hard-anodized finish to ensure the stability of the flashlight. What's more, the U-shape tail design with tail stand capacity can prevent accidental activation and is available for attaching the lanyard. The MH25 V2 is compatible with optional tactical accessories, like gun mounts, the remote switch, and filters, suitable for tactics, search, law enforcement and other outdoor activities.


Features and Specifications

  • Max Output 1300 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance 475 m
  • Max Beam Intensity 57000 cd
  • Max Runtime 1500 h 0 m / 62.5 d
  • LED High performance LED
  • Reflector SMO
  • Battery 1 × 21700, 1 × 18650, 2 × CR123, 2 × RCR123
  • Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS, Strobe
  • Beam color White light
  • Length 157.2 mm / 6.19 in
  • Head Size 40 mm / 1.57 in
  • Weight 137 g / 4.83 oz
  • Feature Rechargeable, Tail Stand
  • Activity Gear, Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, Search, Outdoor/Camping


NB10000 Powerbank Features & Specifications:

  • 10000mAh capacity can charge a modern phone 3 times
  • Carbon fiber frame and panels
  • Dual output channels USB and USBC
  • LED remaining power level indicator
  • One touch low current mode for delicate electronics
  • 5.29 oz - 40% lighter than conventional powerbanks
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh 3.85V
  • Rated Energy: 6,400mAh 5V
  • Input: USB-C: 5V - 2.4A / 9V -2A
  • Output: USB-C: 5V - 3A / 9V - 2A / 12V -1.5A
  • Dual Ports: 5V - 3A (MAX)
  • Includes: 1 x USB Charging Cable (USB-A to USB-C)
  • Dimensions: 4.8" x 2.32" x 0.42"
  • Weight: 5.29oz
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